Saving Cheeses from Extinction

I have to give credit to Karla Carter for bringing this issue to my attention. It appears that the French have mobilized forces to save threatened cheeses. Thus the title of the article, "French Mobilize to Save Threatened Cheeses" at this link:

Karla made me laugh as she commented that she bets the plans do not call for saving American cheese.

The article brings to our attention that several cheeses have become extinct (I am going with natural selection for my theory) and that something must be done. For example, according to the article, "The Mont-d’Or galette, which had been produced for some 400 years, disappeared this summer following the death of the last producer who knew the secret of how to make it."

Egad, I say. Didn’t the fool ever think to write down the process? 

I am also guessing that it was a really bad smelling cheese. I should add that to my food rules. I don’t eat anything that smells like my dog after a rainstorm.

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