Weather and Travel

Let’s see… Saturday in Denver was a beautiful day. It was about 70 degrees F and was nice and sunny. Sunday, the day that I was supposed to fly to Phoenix, we had a nice Spring Blizzard. I, personally, did not find it to be a bad storm, but further south (about 20 miles) of us, it was really ugly.

So, I watch the news and they say that my flight has not been cancelled. I call the airlines and they say it is still on. So, I drive through the snow and get to the airport. I park in a snow drift (actually, that was the fun part of the trip cramming my car into the snow drift without getting it stuck), and I walk through the snow to the terminal. I notice that my flight is still on. I take about 10 steps, and then I hear the announcement that the flight was cancelled.

Back out into the storm (no way am I waiting in line to reschedule when I have a travel agent to do that for me) for me. I get the car out of the snow drift and drive home.

Today, almost all of the snow is melted before noon. The roads are clear and dry. Back to the airport, and off to Phoenix I go.

Here I am, it is after 1 am in Phoenix and about 65 degrees F. It is supposed to get to about 80 degrees F tomorrow. So snow one day, shorts the next. I can handle that.

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