New Porsche

One of my co-workers has a really nice Boxster. One day as we were all walking to lunch, I asked him how much arm twisting he had to do with his wife to get it. He told me it was easy, he just went out and bought it.

Sensing there was more to the story, I expressed my shock that she was OK with it. He then laid it out that there was a conversation that kind of went like this when he came home with the car:

Wife: You bought a Porsche? We never talked about it! (He did a great high squeeky voice for her)

Him: Sure we did, remember a year and a half ago when I mentioned that I wanted a Porsche. (For some reason, his voice got deeper when he talked about how he talked)

Wife: Yeah, and I said I wanted to have a baby first. We agreed on it. (I loved the squeeky voice)

Him: Well, you have had that baby for 6 months now. (He killed me with the way he bobbed his head up and down – it would have been great with a Texas "yup" thrown in)

I just loved the story.

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