Worker Comments

I have heard lots of people talking in the hallways about many subjects before, but I had to laugh today.

I was just about to go around the corner and I overheard one of my coworkers talking to my boss about me. He said, "Yeah, I was talking to Russ and asked him to explain TCP/IP subnetting to me. I think he would still be explaining it if he hadn’t filled up his whiteboard." Of course, once I got around the corner, I said, "Hey, I got another whiteboard from the conference room, we can finish our discussion now." My boss about fell over laughing.

A few minutes later somebody came in and took a picture of my whiteboard.  I am sure the picture will be enlarged and posted someplace in the office in the next few days. Yes, the whiteboard is fully crammed with binary and graphics, and I used five different colors. It really does look like a geek brain blew up all over it.

<Per Sean Tucker: Yes, the evil wheel of IP is one of my methods of teaching subnetting – it leaves your head spinning or makes you hungry>

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