Step 0

I am working on step 0 right now. This upcoming week will be busy and the work will be closely watched by management. The risk for negative career impacting results is high.

Step 0 is a step that I add to each and every single project that I work on. It is a vital step as it sets the tone for the work ahead. Step 0 helps gives me great peace of mind during extremely stressful times later on in projects. If step 0 is completed properly and on time, then the rest of the project steps usually follow without problems.

Step 0, by the way, is the vital step of updating my resume.

By udating my resume, I remind myself that by designing my projects, planning them well, testing my plans, and implementing them according to plans in production, I am going to elimate, or at least reduce, the need to ever use my resume again. Step 0 reminds me that detail is vital and that it is important to everyone on the team that all projects are managed well. Step 0 reminds me that it is too easy to take shortcuts that could lead to bad things happening that would require an updated resume. Step 0 reminds me that this is a career and not just a job.

OK, step 0 is done. I am ready for a week of tough work.

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