Sliding Doors (not TCP/IP Sliding Windows)

Yes, Rick, I finally decided to post this. I debated it, then Rod Fournier talked me to into it. <G>
Last night, Rick Taylor, Rob Labbe, Daniel Webster, Bill English and I all were going to dinner in Bill’s rented mini-van. Whoa, going to dinner is not a challenge you say?  Of course it is if you can’t open the sliding door on the mini-van.
Bill English used the remote to unlock the doors of the mini-van. Rick Taylor, the victim of this post, tried to open the sliding door on the passenger side. It wouldn’t open. So, Bill used the remote again to unlock all of the doors. Again Rick could not open the door. Bill then used the remote to lock the doors and then unlock them again. Again Rick could not open the door. During this process, I could see what Rick was doing wrong, but I held back on the information because I wanted to see how far it would go. Yes, I was the evil instigator. As Rick became more and more frustrated, the funnier it became for me. It finally reached a point where I was just too hungry and wanted to get going, so I excused myself and reached in between Rick and the mini-van and opened the door with a flick of my wrist. The shocked look on Rick’s face was really worth more than the price to any movie, and we all laughed really hard at his expense.
As we drove to dinner, we teased Rick. I still didn’t tell him what he was doing wrong. During the drive, I explained how I was glad that I was sitting next to the door so that I would be able to open the door and we could get out of the mini-van. I thought it was important that we didn’t starve to death waiting for Rick to get the door open and let us out of the mini-van. As we got out of the mini-van and went to dinner, I told Rick that I would provide a sliding-door tutorial for him after dinner.
After dinner (wow, it was a fantastic dinner!), I provided an explanation of how the door worked. After I had explained what Rick was doing wrong, I demonstrated how the door opened and I added value (like a good trainer) to the training session by covering how to also close the door. I thought I did a good job explaining and demonstrating how to both open and close the door.
As I moved out of the way, Rick then stepped up to the door with his new found skills ready to be deployed. He pulled at the latch as he was trained to do, and the door wouldn’t open (Bill English used the remote to lock it before Rick could get to the door). The frustration in his eyes was really too hard to not laugh at. We all had a real hard time stopping the laughter after that.
Anyways, if anyone needs some training on how to open sliding mini-van doors, Rick is not your man. <G>
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