Freaking Power Outage

Last night was a big pain…

I was watching Troy and really getting into it and the power went out. I heard all of my hard drives in all of my servers spinning down. Crap, I knew I should have purchased that UPS last week off of eBay. A few minutes later, the power comes back. I reached back and restarted two of my servers that don’t come back on with the power. I log in and check my network and verify email is up, I then start the movie again and jump to the scene where I left off. Pow, down goes the power again. I go through the process again. Bzzzzmmmm (how is that for the noise?) and the power it out again. This time I wait 15 minutes. Of course the power stays on this time.

Later on, I get a page from work that asks me to log in and fix a problem. Normally, I connect to an XP box outside of my normal super-duper highly secure firewall (it is dual homed – one connection to my network and oen connection to the Internet that completely goes around my firewall – yeah, not very safe) and then connect to systems in a DMZ at my company’s office. Well, for some freaking reason, remote desktop doesn’t work on that XP box anymore.

Oh well, I will figure it out. Maybe later in the week when I feel like it. For now, I am going to veg.

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