Cigar Bid

I have been visiting for a few years now. What a great site! You can bid on wonderful cigars, trade with other cigar smokers, and listen to the non-Republicans rant and rant and rant some more about the evils of W.

Today was a typical day for me at Cigar Bid. I completed two trades and sent out three bombs. What I love is that there are a few different types of trades that are actually fun.

  • Pay it forward (PIF) – In this trade, you wait for somebody to ask for cigars and if you are first to volunteer, then you get to ask next.
  • Pay it back (PIB) – In this trade, you wait for somebody to ask if you would like free cigars. If you are the first to respond, that person will send you some free cigars. It is then your turn to offer free cigars.
  • Top this trade (TTT) – In this trade, somebody will challenge any takers to participate in a TTT. Once somebody agrees, the person making the challenge sends cigars to the other person and then that other person is supposed to top the package they receive with more and better quality cigars. Once that first trade is completed, then you can ask for somebody to top your trade and then you become the first to ship cigars and receive something better in return.

I love the TTT and just wiping out the other person by sending so much good stuff that they don’t have room for it in their humidors. You can also just post and negotiate one on one trades.

What I have enjoyed doing recently is participating in bombing runs where you just load up a box of cigars and send them to somebody for no reason whatsoever. Of course, they are supposed to feel offended by the unprovoked attack and retaliate. Mutual retaliatory bombing can continue for months before one side gives up.

The result of all of this activity is a very full humidor. This is a picture of my humidor and what the drawers look like inside it.

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