Camera Phone and Wireless Comm

OK, I have used my camera phone (it also does movies) for some pretty cheesy stuff before. I took pictures of the dog with Santa Claus, I got pictures of my cool new shoes, and some other completely lame shots.

Today, I asked a favor of a friend. I need some replacement mouse pads and his company store has the ones I like most. So I begged for him to help. He tells me that he doesn’t really know which ones I am talking about and asks for a picture.

Ta da… Out comes the camera phone and click click, I have the picture. Now, I have two ways to email it. First, I could take the mini-SD out of my phone, put it in the converter, put it in my laptop (with its ultracool SD chip reader) and send it as an attachment. Second, and way cooler, is to just send it directly from my phone to him using SMS or Outlook. I chose to send it via outlook and then synched my phone (wirelessly) to send the email.

The overall process took less than 2 minutes from picture taking to it being in his mailbox. Who says being a geek doesn’t have huge benefits?

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