TV Expenses part 2

Crap, I was more than a bit off on the measurements for the new TV. It definitely has to sit at an angle so we can use it.

As the TV was on the way, I also realized that the new TV does not have a flat top like my old one did. That means I didn’t have a place to put my DVD, VCR, Satellite DVR receiver, and surround sound tuner. In a mad scramble, I took all of my DVDs off of the shelf above the TV and decided to drill some holes in the shelf so that I could run wires through it. Hmmm, the drill was dead. Off to the neighbors house, which required drinking beer. Woe is me. After the proper amount of beer, and the drill in my hand, I returned to the house and drilled some big freaking holes to handle power cables and all of the other necessary wiring.

Luckily, they were late delivering the TV, but it all was done pretty quickly.

I turned on the TV, and was dinking around and noticed that the new Stargate SG1 was one and was about half way through the show. Great. Of course the DVR didn’t record it because I forgot to program it and the power was off until right before I started dinking around with it.

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