TV Expenses

What is going on here.

Two weeks ago, the TV in my bedroom stopped working. I figured out that it must be the TV because it didn’t turn on when I pushed the power button. Power seemed to be getting there as I could use the same outlet (power strip) for other devices with no problem.

So, a trip to Circuit City and Best Buy was in order. I love shopping for expensive items. After some hard work, I settled on a 36" TV and got it loaded up in the Blazer for the drive home. I, somehow, got it unloaded and tried to get it up the steps with a dolly. No such luck. I ended up rolling the box up the stairs certain that I would lose my grip and be crushed to death at the bottom of the steps. I finally made it. Now, what to do with the 27"er that I left up there to collect more dust.

Wednesday I got home and the TV in my living room decided to stop working. It made noise when I turned it on, but I could only get a picture using the setup menu. This happened about a year or so ago and the repairman said it was the switch that is used to switch back and forth between the different video inputs and it wasn’t working at all. He touched it to get the part number and the static shock made it work again. I had him back away from the insides of the TV and put it back together. He told me it would cost about $400 to fix it when it finally died. Well, it finally died. I just can’t see putting $400 into fixing the TV when I can spend lots of money and get a new one. I measured the space (it fits into a wall opening) so I would know what size TV to get.

So, off to Circuit City I go. I forgot how big the opening is. So, I figured a 51" TV should fit in there, especially since I angle it to get the optimal viewing in the living room as well as the kitchen. I love watching TV while I make my sandwiches. Today is the day they deliver it. I hope it fits.

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