The Only Purpose for Guns is to Kill

As any pro Second Amendment advocate can tell you, this is one of the most poorly framed points that anti-gun people like to make. I swear it is part of some anti-gun playbook that is passed around as it seems to be one of the most common arguments out there.

I agree, 100%, with the assertion that guns can kill, and I will even agree that the design of guns is for killing. A gun damned well better be able to kill or it is worthless. I love this argument because it seems to give the anti-gun person some kind of moral high ground in their opinion. They fail to realize that since the dawn of man and the first uses of tools, being able to kill was always important. Our earliest ancestors needed to be better at killing their prey for food, they needed to be better at killing to defend themselves against predators, and they needed to be better at killing in both defending themselves from others that have ill intent and at being stronger when taking the better land or other resources and claiming them as their own. That is a huge, “DUH!”

However, despite guns being designed to kill, the original intent of the invention of guns has very little impact on the dangers involved in their day to day usage. After all, the dangers of driving on the streets in a car are much higher, but those deaths are not part of the design, so I guess they just don’t matter.

So, using the anti-gunner’s logic, clubs and other blunt instruments, bows and arrows, spears, and anything else that was first created as a weapon to make it easier to kill should also be banned along with those evil guns. What? We can’t have baseball bats anymore? No more hammers? No more axes? Of course, knives should be banned, too. I know it borders on the absurd, but their point is really that guns make it easier to kill. It is true, but that doesn’t make them evil. After all, guns have many uses that are completely legal.

However, it certainly isn’t the only use or purpose. I have lots of guns that have never killed anything. They have punched holes in targets at all sorts of distances, but they have never killed. I see four distinct purposes when it comes to guns.

1. Sporting – The vast majority of guns are used for sporting purposes. Guns are fun to shoot, and it is fun to compete with others as to who can shoot the best. I really enjoy shooting. I also enjoy the art of it when designing custom cartridge loads with differing amounts of powder and different bullet types and weights to see how each change impacts the ballistics of the bullet’s path and energy. It is great gun just experimenting.

2. Hunting – With hunting, there are a couple distinct types.

    • Hunting varmints and predators – This category includes animals like feral pigs that are tearing up the land of our natural animal environments and that of our farmers, as well as those predators that are attacking and killing our domestic animals such as our cattle. I would really hate to see a rancher killed by a bear because they couldn’t defend their live stock with a club or something more primitive than a firearm.
    • Hunting game – This category is very important to many people that enjoy wild game. It is also very important to those that manage our public lands and understand the need to control wild game so that their population doesn’t outgrow their habitat and doesn’t result in disease spreading among the wild life. Instead of risking life and limb trying to kill large animals to provide meat for their families, guns enabled hunters to kill large animals and bring them back to their homes to provide food for their family and friends. Do we really need to go back to bows and arrows and spears to control animal populations? What is the value in doing that? Remember, too, that a firearm will allow for a much more humane death than being shot with an arrow, and those anti-gunners should at least have some feelings around being humane.

3. Self Defense – We have to understand that there are evil people out there in the real world and they have ill-intent. They want to steal from us, they want to do us harm, they want to commit rape and murder for whatever motivations that they might have in their evil minds. Everyone should have the right to defend themselves against those that are bigger and stronger than each of us. We should also have the right to defend ourselves against multiple assailants as those with weak morals also tend to work better in groups than alone, and it is vital that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones from individuals and groups that have no qualms about committing bodily harm and kills us. Guns are the ultimate equalizer. What most anti-gun people don’t understand is that private gun owners prevent hundreds of thousands of violent crimes every year. The valid defenses have been shown by multiple peer reviewed studies done by multiple organizations, including a recent one commissioned by the Obama administration.

4. Defense against tyranny – Laugh all you want, but this is the original intent of the 2nd Amendment, and we can certainly see real life examples in other countries (see Libya and Syria as great examples, but there are so many others) where their military is used to crush citizen dissent. Guns have allowed us to fight against an oppressive enemy, whether it is foreign or domestic. We can fight them at a distance, and prevent ourselves being overwhelmed by sheer masses of military members. Just knowing that citizens are armed can prevent many oppressive actions from being taken by our Government.

What it really comes down to is that guns were indeed invented and intended to kill others. No doubt about it. However, the original intent  has very little impact on the dangers involved in their day to day usage in:

  • Sporting Use
  • Hunting
  • Personal Defense
  • Defense Against Tyranny – the intent of the 2nd Amendment
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Cars vs. Guns

I have to laugh every time I hear anti-gun people use the need to register cars as a reason to register all guns.

They like to point out that if we have to jump over so many hurdles to drive, we should also have to jump over at least that many hurdles to purchase a gun.

First, let’s address the obvious. Criminals don’t register guns. Criminals can buy guns through black and grey market sources. Criminals are able to get guns even in countries where guns have been completely banned, such as the UK and Australia. The laws do not apply to criminals.

Compared to cars, this is a non-starter, as criminals can still legal purchase a car and get a driver’s license even though they have been convicted of serious criminal charges. Even if a criminal needs a car and can’t afford one, it is very easy to borrow one from a friend or family member without any issues. Heck, a friend or family member can give a car to criminal without any legal repercussions.

However, let’s look at what is so different:

  • Drivers do not have to take a driving test every time they buy a car.
  • Drivers do not have to take a test or be cleared before they are given a car by a friend or family member.
  • Drivers do not have to take a test or be cleared by a Government agency before they are allowed to rent or borrow a car.
  • Car owners do not have to get permission from the Government to sell a car or loan a car.
  • When selling a car, the buyer is responsible for registration and paying the sales tax. The private seller doesn’t have to do anything other than fill out their side of the paperwork when selling and doesn’t even have to verify if the person buying the car has a driver’s license.
  • A car is not treated as a completely different type of car just because it has a spoiler on it, or low profile tires, or a loud muffler.
  • A person can own a car without having a driver’s license.
  • A person can own a car even while serving time in prison.
  • Car owners do not have to have a special license or pass a background check if they want to buy gas.
  • There are no limits on cars being allowed based on how fast they are, how many passengers they hold, how much cargo they can haul, or how much gas they can hold.
  • A driver’s license issued in one State is valid all over the United States.
  • Most importantly, these laws only apply to cars used on public roads. Race cars are not required to meet these requirements, nor are the drivers. This is also true of farm vehicles and others that are only used on private property. There is no requirement to register them nor to have licensed drivers. Thanks, Ryan Hurey for that insight.

Gun owners, though, have different requirements:

  • They are required to go through a background check every time they buy a gun from a dealer. This applies to all dealers at gun shows, too.
  • They are required to go through a background check even if they already own guns.
  • They are required to go through a background check even if they have a conceal carry permit (in almost all States).
  • They need to check the laws of each State, and even cities and local counties, when traveling with guns to see if they are allowed, and how they are allowed to travel with them.
  • Needing to pay special taxes based on sizes of some guns and how much sound they make.
  • Having to notify special Government agencies when traveling with some guns.

To top it off, we see legislation that would require the following:

  • They need to take the gun, along with the buyer, to a retailer that can perform a background check for them and then pay a fee to that dealer when selling a gun to a private party.
  • They have to get approval from a Government agency if they want to give a gun to a family member, even if that family member already has a gun or a conceal carry permit.
  • They would have limits to how many rounds a magazine can hold, because, you know, it isn’t possible to change a magazine in less than a second.
  • They would have limits to being able to even remove a magazine from a gun without using a special device.
  • They would like to have background checks for buying bullets.
  • Loaning a gun at a range to a friend or family member would require a background check.
  • Banning certain weapons because of how they look, and not anything related to the fire power
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Aria Hotel and Casino–Las Vegas

I just got back from a week in Las Vegas, and stayed at the Aria. I thought it might be nice to share my opinion with the world, not that any of you really care, but I will share anyway. Smile

Technology – I have to admit that I was impressed by the room technology. From the panel by the bed, you can easily control all of the lights in the room, the temperature, and the TV along with the window coverings. You walk into the room, and you can have it automatically turn on lights, and turn on music or the TV. Pretty nice. The room keys are proximity keys, and I have to admit that I liked them.

Bars – I visited a couple of the bars, and the prices were not too outrageous considering that it is Las Vegas. However, there was nothing special.

Casino – Yep, they have all the typical Casino games. Nothing new, here.

Shows – Zarkan by Cirque du Soleil looked like a great show, but I never made it there. I was just a little too busy.

Food – Lots of different places in the building, and lots of options for the type of food. Nothing out of the ordinary, though.

Mini Bar – EFF ME! The prices are just absolutely stupid. They will even charge you $50 a day if you want to put something in the fridge to cool it off.

Fit and Finish – I have to admit that I look at the construction more and more when I am at hotels and restaurants. I noticed that the marble tiling was poorly laid, and badly chipped at the seams, and very poorly grouted. The carpet was poorly laid. The seams were obvious, and in many cases were frayed. When at The Buffet (food was meh, service was poor), I noticed that the counters were horribly built. Not only was the stone not fit closely, the caulking was coming out and each and every seam was clearly visible. For the amount of money involved, you would think they could make sure that quality materials and workmanship went into the construction.

Summary: Nothing special, and certainly not worth the money.

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A Bed, a Shower, and Waffles with Strawberries on Top

It has been a long time since I told this story, and today just seemed like a good day to share it with everyone.

Many years ago, back when the Earth was flat, and so was my stomach, I had many life altering experiences, but this is one of my favorite ones that I am allowed to legally share. Smile

I was with my squad in the Jungles of Central America. We were lost. Very lost. Lesson 1, never let the newbie navigate no matter how good he says he is or how much experience he thinks he has. We were supposed to be out for three days. It was day number 5. No food. Not safe water. We were on the last battery for the PRC 77.

We were lucky, and we made contact. After a few hours, a chopper circled over head, and they said they couldn’t pick us up, but they could pick us up the next day at a clearing that was about 6 klicks away. In the meantime, they were going to drop water to us. The idea was to tie some ponchos onto five gallon plastic cans of water and drop them to us. Well, imagine how well that might work. It sounds good in theory. In practice, it means that heavy plastic bombs fall on you, and explode all around. We were wet, and were blasted with bits of plastic shrapnel. Yeah, not fun.

Good news, we were no longer lost. Bad news, we still didn’t have food or safe drinking water. The news became worse as the rains started hitting us and soaking us to the bone.

That night, we managed to build a very non-tactical fire. It was huge. We managed to get dried out and then somebody said the magic words, “It could be worse.” Yeah, it could have been worse, we were about to have a wounded soldier as I was about to kick his ass. For the Young Frankenstein fans out there, yes, it was raining again.

I can’t remember who said it, but somebody said, “Hey, let’s talk about would make it better rather than what is making the suck suck more.” So, we had a quick round of negotiations and decided to tell each other what three things would make life so much better than it was at the moment, and they had to be small things. It couldn’t be that you were at the hotel with room service or owning a yacht.

My three things were:

  • A shower – even a cold one would be fine
  • A bed – no blankets or anything like that was needed
  • Waffles with strawberries on top

If I have a really crappy day that depresses me beyond belief, I remember that situation, and then I go to Denny’s, IHOP, or Village Inn.

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Dream–Raising Polar Bears

The cold weather just does something to me. In this case, it appears to have influenced my dreams.

I found that it is really easy to acquire Polar Bears over the Internet. I ordered two of them as a breeding pair, and they were delivered. Along with the bears, I also ordered tons and tons of ice and snow. I had them put it all in my back yard, and, in preparation, I had my fences raised and reinforced. As I was worried about the bears digging under the fence, I also had steel bars driven deep into the ground.

The bears really liked my back yard. I could sit out on my deck and watch them play all day. They are so beautiful and awe inspiring.

Right before I woke up, they were just delivering the life seals so that the bears can hunt them. I can’t believe how much seals cost. It is ridiculous!

Anyway, I called the HOA today. They said that there is no way that my dream can be a reality.

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Emergency Bag

In our current world, it is really easy to think that if I have a cell phone, that is all I really need. I can call for help in an emergency.

It is now getting into the cold months of Winter here in Colorado, which has made me think that it is time to re-assess my limited view on this topic. I think it would do us all a great deal of good to think about what we would like to have for an emergency, and more importantly, what we would like our loved ones to have available to them in the event of an emergency.

In the world of preppers, this kit of materials is also referred to as a Get Home Bag. Meaning, what would you need if it hit the fan and you were on the road and needed to get home. My view of materials might be close to a prepper’s point of view.

Anyway, let’s cover some of the basics.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Food
  • A change of clothes – warm ones
  • and????

The first aid kit is an easy one. There are lots of them available and they can be cheaply acquired. Make sure the kit includes stuff like antihistamines, antibiotics, and pain killers.

Emergency food is also fairly simple. Foods that provide energy and can be stored for long-terms in cold or hot times. Also, don’t forget some bottled water. Maybe a couple of MREs that you can get pretty easily from an outdoors retailer. Eating utensils would be a good edition, if needed.

Clothes are also fairly easy, but it is also easy to steal from the kit. Oops, I forgot my gloves and it is cold. Oh well, I will just take them from the kit. They should also be weather resistant. I would strongly recommend a rain poncho or two, as well.

The last section is the hardest one. So, I thought I would provide my thoughts, and see what makes sense. So, what should be included in the and section?

  • Backpack – You will want something to pack everything into, and something that can be carried in the event that it is decided that the car needs to be abandoned.
  • Self Defense – This may be something as simple as pepper spray, or an assault pen, or even a baton. I know many people that would include a gun cleaning kit and extra ammo, but then there are many people that don’t believe in guns. I would also include a good whistle in this area.
  • Money – Not just folding cash, but some change to use in vending machines and possibly pay phones.
  • Auto road side kit – You can probably get one from AAA or any good auto parts store. It should have jumper cables, and basic tools. Let’s not forget everything required to change a flat tire. How about a tow strap?
  • A couple of good knives – While this might fall under self-defense, I can think of so many reasons to have a good knife or two.
  • Lights – This would include flashlights, preferably nice and powerful LED hand held lights, and I would also recommend some chemical lights and flares. Something with a red lens, too, in case there is a worry about being too visible to others.
  • Plastic bags and space blankets– Large garbage bags that can be used to keep the rain off as well as many other reasons as well as some smaller ones for keeping your stuff organized as well as dry.  Space blankets are great for helping to maintain body heat without taking up much room.
  • Fire starting materials – Matches, lighters,  and a Ferrocerium fire starter.
  • Personal hygiene items – Who can’t use some wet wipes and even a wash cloth? How about some toilet paper? I am sure you can think of other items. Keep it small, though.
  • Para cord – It has many uses for short and long term survival.
  • Water filter – I am starting to like the idea of having a life straw included in the kit.
  • Folding shovel – Maybe an entrenching tool as it can be used as an ax and as a hammer.
  • Cat litter or sand – Traction for the tires, and this would not need to be put into the back pack, though.

What did I miss?

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Shared Private Road–A Tax Analogy

I started using this example a few months ago to explain shared assets and how they are financed. It is pretty interesting, to me.

Scenario: There is a county road that comes close to two homes. The two homes are exactly the same distance from the road. A private road needs to be built. The road will run directly between their homes and connect to their driveways. The owners use the road exactly the same, and both use small passenger vehicles. Neither use trucks, heavy equipment, or anything that would stress the road. Below is a rough drawing.

The road will cost $1,000 dollars.


The question: How much should each person pay?

The expected answer: When I ask this question, almost everyone says it should be 50/50. Some people say that the guy that makes the most should volunteer to pay more of the bill, but nobody has every told me that the guy that makes the most should pay for it all.

The math: There are a few options:

  1. 50/50: So each of them pay $500.
  2. They pay based upon income: 30000/180000*1000=$16.67 for the guy that makes $30,000, which leaves $983.33 for the other guy. Fair? Some people will say that it is fair, but I don’t see it since they both get the same benefit and the one person is basically paying for it all, but gets a small token amount back.
  3. They pay based upon the way we do income tax collection in the US. Basically, the person making $30,000 doesn’t pay federal income taxes in most cases, so the other guy ends up paying for all of the road.

The reality: The guy making the most ends up paying for all of it, and the other guy gets a free road. It works that way because our Government forces it to work that way. If the guy that is better off refuses to pay his taxes, they will take him at gun point and lock him up.

A few facts:

Just a couple of simple facts, about 45-47% of the US households do not pay Federal income taxes. The top 20% pay over 90% of the Federal income taxes collected, while making no where near 90% of the income. So, the top 20% pay for almost everything for everyone else, and half get a free ride.

No, these facts aren’t from some ultra conservative web site, they come right from the CBO.


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